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Flexii USB 2.0 Cool Fan 3D Optical Mouse

Inventory #: OTH-ME-JEC-3099
Compatible with:

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Flexii USB 2.0 Cool Fan 3D Optical Mouse Features

  • ***Flexii USB 2.0 Cool Fan 3D Optical Mouse***
    This USB 3D mouse is a best summer computer accessory you can buy, features a fashionable ergonomic design, combining a cooling fan which make itself best summer
    input device for long hour playing game enthusiast or regular office user.

    Picture this:
    You sitting in front of a computer play exciting video game for hours in a hot
    summer day, your hand keep sweating, in order to adjust the pace with the mouse,
    you almost lose the game, there might be nothing you can do about your hand, but
    is there anything we can do to the mouse?

    Or you setting in your working place, using mouse to process the data of your work, again, your hand keep sweating after stretch of using the mouse for hours, etc.

    All above mentioned scenario could be ended with this mouse with cooling
    fan featured. It cools your palm and help you stay in optimal working condition.

    Crafted with advanced technology, equipped with a powerful chip with a 800DPI optical sensor, with a ergonomically designed shell for exceptional smooth operating

    Ideal choice for laptop or desktop user who need long hour using in summer or in
    a hot environment.

    3rd Party Review:

    Yes, it an optical mouse with a built in mini fan. This is a great computer accessory for the hot office. You get an ergonomic design... ByGizWizBiz


    * USB cooling fan featured
    * Agronomical design
    * Resolution: 800dpi
    * USB Plug & Play
    * More comfortable for use


    * Working voltage: +5V DC 10%
    * Key bounce: 65+10g
    * Key using time: > 10Millions
    * Key tracking: 0.8+ 0.2mm
    * Resolution: 8000DPI
    * Power: 1W
    * Wind speed: 7000/ Minute/Turn
    * Temperature: 0'C ~45'C
    * Humidity: 20%~90%
    * Current: < 15mA


    To protect your mouse, playing best effect, don't use glass, mirror or similar materials as pad
  • Package Content
    * 1 x USB 2.0 Cool 3D Optical Mouse

    CD Content

    System Requirement
    Windows XP\2000\ME\98SE


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