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ZRAD Secret Pen-Shaped Pocket Spy Camera Digital Video Recorder 1GB, DVR

Inventory #: CAM-REC-MP8-SIL
Compatible with:

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ZRAD Secret Pen-Shaped Pocket Spy Camera Digital Video Recorder 1GB, DVR Features

  • ***ZRAD Pen-Shaped Pocket Digital Video Recorder with Build-in 1GB Flash, DVR***
    This Pen-Shaped pocket digital video recorder features a unique design, underneath its fashionable appearance, it boasts 1/3 inch image capture device, embracing the innovative stealthy video recording technology you desire.

    Special made for portable, mobile video recording with high resolution, it offers unrivaled video recording flexibility by combining digital video recorder (DVR). It could be connected to PC via USB port, support USB Plug and Play, captured image could be played conveniently by AVI compatible video application later on. It is perfect for covert operations such as law enforcement, meetings, personal notes, etc.

    Want to upgrade the Spy Pen Video Camera Flash Memory to
    2GB or 4GB?

    Review Video:

    3rd Party Review:
    Vavolo has released this pocket digital video recorder hidden inside a functional pen.... By

    The pen has a 1/3 inch CMOS camera that captures AVI video in 360 x 280 resolution and stores... By


    * Image capture device: 1/3 inch CMOS
    * Resolution: 360 x 280
    * Video format: AVI
    * Memory capacity: 1Gb(Built-in)
    * Recording time: 6~7hours
    * Recording mode: Continuous recording until memory is full or manually off
    * Battery capacity: 500mAh(Built-in rechargeable Li-ion)
    * Battery life: Approx 3 hours
    * Record both audio and video
    * LED status indication
    * USB Plug&Play
    * Dimension (L x W): 145 x 14mm
    * Weight: 20g

    Operating procedure:

    Step 1:
    Press the switch, it begins to kinescope as soon as being turned on. The blue light will turn on during kinescoping.
    Step 2:
    Press the switch again, it will begin to save data and then turn off, at this time, the light turns to yellow, reflect that the pen DVR is at sleeping status(that means do not kinescope or shut down neither).
    Step 3:
    If need to kinescope again, press the switch once more, then can come back to kinescope, during this time, the light will turn to blue again.
    Step 4:
    Hold down the switch for 5s, then the power switch is off, after shutting down the pen DVR, there is no guide light.
    Step 5:
    When finish charging the battery, the light stops glittering and the yellow light keeps on, which means that battery is fully charged.
    Step 7:
    It will turn off itself when the battery has been used up. And will save the kinescoped files before automatically shutting down.


    1. The fewest mini DVR in the world which conceals in the pen. And the first mini pen DVR with the function of both kinescope and record.
    2. The high fidelity microphone can record the sound around 15 square meters. And the high clear kinescope can help the police and court to get evidence.
    3. The fancy aspect, smooth pen writing function, exchangeable standard lead is all durable and environmental.
    4. Suitable for any computer and electronic device with USB port. USB2.0 standard port, need no drive or circumscribed electric power source either.
    5. 2 million pixels for the camera.
  • Package Content
    * 1 x Mini interview recorder 1GB
    * 1 x USB cable
    * 1 x USB manual

    CD Content

    System Requirement
    Windows XP\2000\ME\98SE


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