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Ultrasonic Bark Barking STOP Dog Training Collar NEW

Inventory #: OTH-CSH-B005-WHI
Compatible with:

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Ultrasonic Bark Barking STOP Dog Training Collar NEW Features
***Ultrasonic Bark Barking STOP Dog Training Collar NEW***
The dog bark stop collar is an advanced behavior modification device designed to help train your dog to stop barking. Bark stop caller water resistant design is built to stand the toughest abuse.
Incorporated advanced ultrasonic bark stop technology, gives an irritating frequency only dogs can hear. Its humane method of training makes it ideal for those pet owners with safety in mind.
Actual effect depending on your dogs learning ability, your god's barking should decrease over time and in some case almost immediately and you won't have to worry about the device becoming damaged because of a little water.


* Water resistant construction:
* Adjustable stretch collar
* Ultrasonic Stretch Collar
* Ultrasonic and Auditable selection
* On\off button
* Trigger accurately by bark vibration (Can not activate by other dog's barking.)

Package Content
* 1 x Dog Bark Stop Collar

CD Content

System Requirement


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