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ZRAD Wireless Pinhole Pen-Shaped Stealthy Style Video Camera

Inventory #: CAM-WS-912D-SIL
Compatible with:

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ZRAD Wireless Pinhole Pen-Shaped Stealthy Style Video Camera Features
***Wireless Pinhole Pen-Shaped Stealthy Style Video Camera***
This pinhole cameras is constructed with leading-edge stealth camera technology, incorporated stealth video recording into metal pen-shaped shell, and the lens diameter less two millimeters removed staples in which to handle jacket or shirt packet, features a with CCDs, and with a built-in microphone, it is best device for surveillance, electronic motion picture acquisition, etc. The receiving device can be located at a distance of up to 1500 meters. The transfer of the black white high-resolution images and sound happening on the radio at a frequency of 2.4 GHz.


* Matrix : 1 / 3 "SONY CCD;
* Resolution : 420 TVL;
* Picture element(pixels): E: 290K, C:320K
* Illumination : 0.05 lux at F2.0
* Wire operating frequency : 1.2-2.4 MHz;
* Work camera from 5:00 built from the battery;
* The range of (direct) : 1000-1500 m;
* The transfer of audio / video to the monitor through A / V cable;
* Audio (a microphone);
* Synchronizing system: Internal
* Built in Audio input
* Power supply: DC12V
* Light weight and size of cells to self-concealed carry.
* Dimensions: 16x16 mm.

Package Content
* 1 x power supply for video camera
* 1 x power supply for transmitter;
* 1 x Radio transmitter;
* 1 x Radio receiver;
* 1 x Cord to connect to a TV;
* 1 x Switch cord;
* 1 x User guide.

CD Content

System Requirement


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